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  • Jeff Russell

10 kitchen accessories that will catch your eye

If you were to google "What is the most used room in the house?", the top answer will always be the kitchen.

Not only is your kitchen where hours of prep and meals take place, it's also where hosting happens and important conversations are had. Because of all the moments shared, it's helpful to create a space that truly feels unique to you.

There are countless ways design a kitchen, but we've picked some unique touches that you can add that are sure to catch guest's eye and maximize space.

  1. A magic corner that slides to allow access to your whole cabinet.

2. Maximize your cabinet space with dividers.

3. A tip out drawer under the sink to keep supplies.

4. Under cabinet storage for trash and recycling.

5. Under cabinet lighting to provide brightness.

6. Glass cabinets to display and store dishes at the same time.

7. Different types of hardware to spruce up your space.

8. Plumbing fixtures, like sinks , are a great way to customize your kitchen.

9. Although we don't directly sell them, appliances (like stoves), are also a great way to practically design your space.

10. Countertops are a classic way that completely changes the feel of your kitchen. We always encourage spending some time around this decision.

There are so many options and ways to create a kitchen that is unique to your needs, style, and budget. Part of our process is to help you design your space. Ready to get started? Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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