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  • Jeff Russell

10 ways to accessorize your bathroom

Accessories are one of the many decisions that can dramatically change the look and feel of a bathroom. While there are countless ways to do this, we rounded up a list of ten of our favorite ways to accessorize your bathroom and finish the room with your unique style.


There are a variety of different types of mirrors that can change lighting, add amenities, or provide hidden practicalities. One example is a mirror with LED lighting built in. This allows the mirror to light up whenever the user turns it on. While there are many possibilities, others include traditional medicine cabinets, mirrors installed directly into the shower tile for easier shaving, heated mirrors (which do not fog), and framed mirrors.

Example of an LED mirror shown above.


Unique lighting is another way to spruce up your bathroom. Toe kick lighting, which is another term for under-cabinet lighting at the floor (as pictured below) is often popular. It can be used as an accent or as a night light. Installing recessed lights in the ceiling allows for a much brighter room. It is also possible to install smart lighting, which allows for control through a program on your phone.

Example of toe kick lighting.


Shiplap is a trendy way to integrate style into your bathroom space. Installing shiplap over the counter is the most popular place, but there are other ways to customize shiplap in order to create a space that is both modern and styled.

Example of shiplap shown above.

Cabinet specific accessories

Cabinet specific accessories are arguably the most fun. There are several examples, such as drawers that are specifically built to hold your blow dryer or curling iron. There are ways to customize this with electrical plugins, unique medicine cabinets, and others.

Specialized showers

Specialized showers are a popular way to upgrade a bathroom. Multiple shower heads, hand-held showers, and rain showers are specialized fixture options. Steam showers have a steam generator, that will create a steam filled spa in a few minutes and have glass installed all the way to the ceiling, to keep the steam contained, creating an oasis right inside your home. There are a variety of glass options beyond the standard clear glass that you can choose to install, such as textured glass. Replacing your shower is an easy way to use your bathroom to create a more relaxing space.

Example of steamed shower.


One seldom considered way to accessorize your bathroom is through your choice of doors. For example, pocket or barn doors save floor space and allow for more room and less clutter. It’s also a simple way to spruce up the space.

Example of a sliding barn door

Tile and heated floors

This is a simple yet transformative way to accessorize your bathroom. With the seemingly unlimited variety of tile available, you can easily utilize your selection of tile to create a bathroom completely unique to you. Niches, textures, and decorative stripes are common elements. And heated floors are one of the most common requests we get when remodeling a bathroom. The added comfort of a warm floor make any tile selection even better.

Example of several types of tile utilized to create a unique space


Hardware is often called the “jewelry” of remodeling accessories. Replacing or adding hardware on cabinets gives it an instant look that is new and fresh. There are also options to add hardware that brings practicality to your bathroom, such as heated towel bars, shower seating, and grab bars that give the room both style and functionality.

Example of some hardware choices

Washlet seat

Many homeowners who request a washlet seat have experienced it elsewhere, and feel they can never go back. These can be added to any toilet and do not need to be a separate fixture, such as a bidet, and have a variety of options to utilize as pictured below.

Example of a washlet, and what it can offer


Although listed last, replacing your countertops will drastically change the feel of your bathroom. This is likely the first thing a guest will notice when walking in, and will be a way to add your unique style to the bathroom. This is such an important piece to a bathroom remodel that we wrote a post outlining the main countertop choices here.

We love the contrast of black and white!

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