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Current items we're seeing delays on

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

People often call us for an initial consultation and ask about how far we are “booked out”. The answer is nuanced and depends on a variety of factors, but let’s start with this: we are always happy to help with your home renovation or remodel, but the timing largely depends on the products that you choose and how quickly you can make selections.

We are seeing delays on several products due to a variety of reasons. As you probably know by now, material shortages paired with high demand are a nationwide issue as companies are dealing with employee and supply chain problems due in large part to COVID-19 and shutdowns.

Below are the products we are seeing delays on, arranged from longest to shortest wait time.


Currently, some cabinets can have the longest wait time. Premium custom cabinets, which are used in many kitchens, are seeing delays ranging anywhere from 8-18 weeks. These delays are happening with virtually every custom cabinet manufacturer. Some semi-custom and stock cabinets have had minimum delays, but the selection is limited. Nearly every cabinet maker has either doubled or tripled their lead times in the last year.

It’s important to note that while these delays will affect the timing of a kitchen remodel, there are plenty of other items we can start on as we wait for the cabinets. We plan your start before the cabinets arrive, and time it so that when they are delivered we will be ready to install as quickly as possible. This helps to minimize the delay.

We have also recently added a new cabinet maker for bathroom vanities, so we are seeing a shorter lead time with bathroom projects (usually about 6 weeks).


Not all plumbing fixtures are delayed, but there are some products that have longer wait times. Free standing tubs can have 3-4+ months of wait time. Certain faucets and plumbing fixtures in popular finishes can take longer than normal as well, and custom shower glass is 2 weeks longer than standard. If you need a non-stock window or one ordered to match existing windows, some can take 3-4 months to arrive.

We always strive to communicate clearly about the availability of products and lead times. If we are seeing high lead times, we will look for other options for you to choose from if possible. If you decide you want to wait, we are happy to work with you, and if you’d rather complete the project faster, we will help you try to find options that won’t take quite so long.


In the past, solid surface countertops, such as granite or quartz, have had a lead time of 2-3 weeks from the measure date to installation. We are now seeing the lead time closer to 4 weeks, due to higher demand. Because the fabricators will not measure the countertops until the cabinets are installed, this can have a domino effect on wait time, pushing the entire project back. We try and use this time to finish other items, like trim and painting, to help minimize the delay.

It’s important to note that every product has the potential to be backordered, so we check with the suppliers and ask how long lead times are. Most of the time, we can get you an accurate estimate, but the potential to have a delay is always possible.

Although we have years of experience scheduling remodeling projects, these delays continue to be a challenge, and we understand how frustrating it is when the product you want has a major delay. We are committed to walking with you through these challenges and finding a solution that works for you and your home. We’ll start working with your unique situation immediately upon the initial consultation, and can advise you more specifically then. Click here to set up the free initial consultation.

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