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10 ways to creatively design your basement

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Basements are a blank canvas that can bring out creativity and design. There are many unique features that you can add to your basement to make it feel like a space that is truly home.

While there are unlimited options for designing your space, we've put together ten ideas below. Our hope is that this will spark your own creativity as you put together your own basement!

1. Custom wet bar.

These clients decided to maximize space by building a wet bar under the stairs. We love the unique way they used reclaimed barn wood from their Grandparent's farm. The wood created texture for the backsplash in the wet bar, and we were also able to use it to build the two barn doors that separate the kids play area from the family room.

2. Focus on the fireplace.

One of our past projects, pictured below, features a linear fireplace with a custom floating stone mantle and built-in cabinets with floating shelves. These bring both style and depth to the fireplace as one of the centerpieces of the room.

3. Customize your mantel.

This was a completely custom project where we built a mantle from the owner's antique piano. We used the top of the piano and the hand-carved corbels to create a unique piece, filled with memories, that make it her own. We then installed shiplap on the wall next to it, which added a modern feel.

4. Adding fun appliances to your kitchenette.

Adding a unique appliance to your kitchenette (such as the refrigerator pictured below) is a fun way to customize your space. We do recommend working with us to choose plumbing fixtures (see more here), but appliances are something that can be chosen at anytime!

5. Styling seating into entertainment centers.

There are many unique ways to incorporate seating into your space, pictured below is one way to combine seating and the kitchenette, this high top counter doubles as extra seating for the entertainment center close by.

6. Create a dry bar.

The difference between a wet bar and a dry bar comes down to running water. If it is difficult to install the plumbing infrastructure, a dry bar is a good way to build in a place to entertain. This dry bar, pictured below, has no sink, but incorporates a wine refrigerator and floating shelves.

7. Speakers built into the entertainment center.

This is a sleek way to build out an entertainment center that will last. Pictured below are speakers built on either side, and a sub-woofer down below on the right hand side. We also have options to hide them completely.

8. Unique lighting.

There are many ways to light up your space, which will give it a bigger, brighter feel. Pictured below is an example of cove lighting. We can discuss options with you during your consultation and help you choose what works best for your space.

9. Built in cabinets.

Pictured below is a tiled fireplace with built-in cabinets. We don't often put glass in basement built-ins, so this is an example of some glass door cabinets in a basement. They allow display space, enclosure for equipment, and the remotes still work!

There are many unique design elements that you can work into your basement to create a space that is cozy for your guests and family. While we listed a few options, there are countless ways to do this. We help walk you through the entire design process based on your budget and vision. Click here to set up your initial consultation!

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