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The beginning phases of your project

Taking the leap into your home renovation project can be unnerving for many reasons. From questions ranging on how to get started to the cost of the project, the beginning phases of your remodel project can feel overwhelming.

To help you better understand what to expect from the time of inquiry to the signing of a contract, we outline our step by step process below.

Step 1: The inquiry

To get your process started, we ask that you reach out and give us a little backend information on what you are hoping to accomplish. This can be as simple as letting us know your tentative budget, timeline, and project(s) you are wanting remodeled. (You can get that process started here.) All inquiries will go directly to Sharon, who will set up your initial consultation with Jeff.

Step 2: Your initial consultation

When Jeff calls for the initial consultation, you will be able to share your needs, wants, and desires for your space, along with photos via text or email. Jeff will get an idea of what your goals are and will listen to the basics of what you would like to accomplish. During this phase, we will ask you guided questions to talk through what your vision is, and answer any questions.

Step 3: We sketch it out

Our team will then get to work preparing some preliminary design ideas and a budget to help you explore the possibilities of your space and to give you a realistic investment range for your project. This is where we take your budget, timeline, and vision and creatively brainstorm a way to best make those happen.

Step 4: Your second consultation with us

The process continues with a meeting to review the design and a rough budget. This is either a virtual Zoom meeting or a scheduled meeting in our showroom. We will answer any questions, make any updates, and walk you through the plans we have sketched out.

Step 5: Moving forward together

When you are ready to move forward, a non-refundable retainer is collected. The full retainer amount will be applied to the purchase of your Russell Room Remodeling project. Some wonder why a retainer is collected before a contract is signed. This allows us to spend the time we need on collecting exact estimates from subcontractors, prep for permitting, and work with our team to finalize the first draft of plans.

Step 6: You sign the contract

Once all plans, quotes, and permits have been collected and finalized, we present you a contract with a final price. By spending the time upfront, we are able to avoid as many surprises as possible. Although sometimes unplanned problems that need to be fixed arise, our highest aim is to stay within this price. If you sign a contract with us, the retainer is applied directly to that contract.

In terms of paying for your project, we ask that you place a “down payment” once the project is started. As a rough estimate, you will generally pay ⅓ of the cost at the start of the project, ⅓ after inspections are made (in the middle), and ⅓ closer to the end. Usually, a small portion (around 5% of the entire project) is made at the end to finish completely paying off the project.

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